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Wantasen, Sofia and Manueke, Jusuf (2012) KONSENTRASI KHLOROFIL-a DI DANAU TONDANO PROVINSI SULAWESI UTARA. Jurnal Ilmiah BIO-Science, 1 (1). pp. 60-71. ISSN 2301-4504

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      The Purposes of this study was to study the chlorophyll-a concentration in Tondano Lake. Location of chlorophyll-a sample were at horizontal and vertical on the surface Tondano Lake, a depth of I meter, a depth of 2 meters and a depth of 3 meters. Chlorophyll-a -point sampling is a vertically related to the ability of light penetration for photosynthesis is to a depth of 3 meters and plant distribution patterns in lake water vertically Tondano. Chlorophyll-a sampling done using Stick Water Sampler. Analysis methods for to determination chlorophyll-a is Spectrophotometric method by extracting pigments first. Chlorophyll-a pigment extracts using acetone solution, using an opaque wrapper or alluminium foil. Pigments that have been extracted from plankton concentrations determined by using a Spectrophotometer (APHA, 2005). The results of laboratory analysis showed that the concentrations of Chlorophyll-a highest in a depth of 3 meters 26, 77 μg/I. This showed that higher concentrations of chlorophyll-a at a depth of 3 meters at Tondano Lake caused by high organic matter at a depth of 3 meters and light factors. The brightness level of Tondano Lake around 2.5-3 meters of solar radiation can thus to a depth of 3 meters and is supported by the availability of nutrients has gone well so photosynthesis phytoplankton growth increases at a depth of 3 meters.

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