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The Economic Role of Indigenous Wild Food Plant for the Local People: A Case Study of Arenga Pinnata Plant Production in North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

Tumbuan, Willem JF. Alfa The Economic Role of Indigenous Wild Food Plant for the Local People: A Case Study of Arenga Pinnata Plant Production in North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. UNIVERSITAS SAM RATULANGI.

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Arenga Pinnata plant is a wild food plant where commonly grows in Indonesia particularly in the tropical forest in this country. This plant for long time has provided valuable economical benefit for the local people Indonesia, such as provided a main resource of job for many local farmers in this country to produce various foods and other product. The main production of this plant is the local alcohol beverage and palm sugar. The reason of local farmers to produce the local alcohol: 1) marketable and 2) provided the highest economic benefit for them. Also, the local alcohol called cap tikus (in North Sulawesi Province) was also used as a main element in the traditional rituals event of local people since long time ago. Unfortunately, cap tikus has been always blamed as a main trigger of the social problems such as noises and other criminal acts. It was recorded that more than 50% of the social and criminal problems in this province occurred because of alcohol consumption. Whereas, the alcohol cap tikus product has provided benefit opportunities to farmers in order to survive their daily live. Therefore, this study attempts to substantiate the aforementioned the economic role of wild food plant, arenga pinnata, for the local people particularly for cap tikus farmers; and to solve divergence of argumentations regarding to forbid the production and marketing activities of cap tikus in this area. This study was conducted in North Sulawesi Province in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. In order to reveal the economic role of arenga pinatta plant for the local people, 50 cap tikus farmers in Minahasa Selatan regency were selected. The data (empirical data) that is used for analysis of this research work was derived from field survey. The findings of this study suggest to the local government with collaborate with local people particularly farmers, should: ① eager and continuously campaign the utilization of alcohol beverage and its consequences; ② support the cap tikus farmers to sell the cap tikus to the other market industry such as medicine and cosmetic industry; ③ provided a research center of arenga pinnata plant particularly to convert alcohol cap tikus to be bio-energy (bio-ethanol); ④ provide simple technology to the cap tikus farmers how to produce other benefit products of arenga pinnata plant; ⑤ create and promote the production place and how to produce alcohol cap tikus in tourism event programs; ⑥ support the sustainability program of arenga pinnata plant as a wild food plant which provided high indispensable economical benefit for the local people.

Item Type: Other
Uncontrolled Keywords: Wild Food Plant, Arenga Pinnata, Cap Tikus, Farmer, Local People
Subjects: H Social Sciences > H Social Sciences (General)
H Social Sciences > HB Economic Theory
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Date Deposited: 12 Aug 2014 07:25
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