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Minute rotifer Proales similis de Beauchamp: A new promising candidate live food for fish larvae

Wullur, Stenly and Sakakura , Yoshitaka and Hagiwara, Atsushi Minute rotifer Proales similis de Beauchamp: A new promising candidate live food for fish larvae. International Symposium on ocean science, technology and policy. Manado, Indonesia 12-14 May, 2009.

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Proales similis is among the smallest rotifers ever cultured. Its body size is 1.6 times smaller and 2.5 times narrower than the SS-type rotifer, Brachionus plicatilis, a common food type for rearing fish larvae. The potential of P. similis as live food for fish larvae was investigated in the laboratory. The research focused on culture, HUFA content, and the effect of feeding P. similis on fish larvae. P. similis produced first offspring 2.5-2.8 days after hatching and produced4.3-7.8 female-1 offspring during its reproductive period (2.9-3.4 days). Its population growth rate (r) was higher at <15 ppt (0.73-0.78 day-1) and decreased to 0.29-0.68 day-1 at 20-30 ppt. P. similis grew faster at temperatures higher than 250c (r=0.68 day-1) and reached 0.81 day-1 at 350C. In mass culture, the population density of P. similis in 2 L diluted seawater (25 ppt) reached 2, 405 ind./ml (r=0.56 day-1) on day 11. HUFA enrichment for P. similis resulted in a higher total lipid content 2.6% (per dry weight) for enriched group vs. 2.4% (per dry weight) for the unenriched batch. Composition of 22:6n-3 (DHA) in percent total lipid increased from 0.0 to 17.5% after HUFA enrichment. The compositions of 20:4n6 (AA) and 20-5n-3 (EPA) after HUFA enrichment were 0.5 and 11.0%, respectively. The ratio of DHA/EPA increased from 0:1 to 1.59:1 after HUFA enrichment. Higher survival of the seven-band grouper larvae was observed when P. similis was used in combination with SS-type B. plicatilis as initial larval food. Significantly higher initial feeding was detected in dietary treatments containing P. similis compared to SS-type B. plicatilis alone. Larvae fed with P. similis in combination with SS-type B, plicatilis demonstrated significantly faster initial growth and higher tryptic enzyme activity

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